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The Synnax Data Technologies Ltd. has been dealing with the development of high quality unique softwares since 2008. It has been cooperating successfully with several Hungarian companies and it has completed international orders as well.
The founders have more than 10 years of experience in programming, they have been gaining a lot of experience in the field of software design techniques, and have been applying different innovative technologies. The company has a great knowledge base, and wide experience, which is presented by the diversity of our projects.


About Us

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We are prepared to do the IT of the future

Our experts are programmers and software engineers who acquired complex skills in designing financial, industrial and production support systems. In consequence of that, they can provide various business and industrial areas with IT solutions.
In all cases of the past orders of the company the most important goal was to develop unique softwares, which - with the customer’s needs in mind - provide the most satisfying solution for the emerging problems and represent outstanding quality and professional performance. Our mission is to develop innovative information technology solutions, which saves money and time to our prospective partners answering the challenges of our digitalized world.



Here you can read about our specialities.

Development of Mobile applications

If you feel better to run your business without cables and oldschool desktop PCs, or you want to let your customers face with a company of the 21st century, let us develop a chatbot or a mobile application for you. Just imagine the user experience of a mobilized world! AI algorithms respond to customer questions via social media instant messaging applications giving the easiest way for the next generation to access your services. Let us help you in entering your company to a postmodern world.

Design and Development of Enterprise Information Systems

If you are planning a electronic service with high reliability for a whole corporation (or even a whole city or country), just contact our company. Our experts are always at your service, if you are looking for an application, which combines the power of big scale robustness, scalability and performance.

Design and Development of Desktop Applications

If you need a standalone application running on a single PC or you would like to support your more complex information system with a client application, we are at your service. We have large experience in developing desktop applications with modern features for workstations or PCs.

IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Production, Cyber Physical Systems

The fourth industrial revolution is coming, do not miss it! Build a factory, which use the achievements of the information technology, and be a pioneer on the way like the inventors of the steam machine, the electricity or the industrial controllers were! The life of the engineers and operators could be more comfortable with high level automated processes, integrated production machines and centralized data storages.

Big Data, Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence Systems

If it is cumbersome for your company to produce the needed KPIs, calculate forecasts and statistics, explore economic and industrial relationships, or the experts are lost in the huge amount of excel files, your company probably needs a carefully designed data warehouse. Feel free yourself to contact us, we have profound experience in data modelling and data integration!

Design and Development of Data Models and Database Structures

We rely on the products of the largest database management companies to manage the data used by our applications. Our company can design and implement high quality data structures based on the most popular database management systems. In addition to work with proprietary licenced softwares, we can offer open source database management software alternatives as well.


If you would like to integrate heterogeneous information systems, or you want to attach modern frontend to your legacy backend system or if you have software running on different operating systems written in various programming languages, you can entirely rely on our company. We will find the best solution in each single case to support the integration of the information systems.

Redesign and Modernization

Are the software products of your company based on outdated technology or are they difficult to maintain? Do you experience countinuous slowdown at your legacy systems of your company? Synnax is able to redesign them for up-to-date architectures, to implement them based on recently used technologies, and to run and maintain them in modern hardware and software environment.



Here you can read about our past customers and projects.

T-Systems Hungary Plc.
Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Ltd.
Holcim Hungary Plc.
Er-Petro Ltd.
Minerva-Soft Ltd.
Corballis Ltd.
Somafis Ltd.
Tekire Ltd.


Case Studies

Here you can read about the methodologies we used.

T-Systems Hungary Plc.

The initial problem

T-Systems and Poliphon developed together the electronic archival system of Hungary. The requirements included that electronically requested documents should be provided to the requestors in a watermarked and digitally signed format.

The solution

As our company has extensive experience in PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), we were happy to take part in the design and implementation of the related software modules. Regarding to our previous projects, we already knew about the related Hungarian and European legal regulations, so we could make a solution that was legally satisfactory also for an information system that had a nationwide user base.

The advantages of the solution

As the result of the cooperation with our company the engineers having the relevant experience did not have to be hired. Additionally our team designed and implemented a solution based on open standards and open-source software modules which were able to save considerable licence fees, unlike the well-known proprietary softwares in our country.

Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Ltd.

The initial problem

In the plant of the Bosch company in Miskolc there are a lot of machines equipped with a PLC without acceptable interfacing possibility (or with oldschool problematic interfacing possibility) to other information systems (e.g.: industrial computers in the production isles, communication over ethernet network, industrial printers with serial communication possibility).

The solution

The above-written machines were equipped with low cost microcontrollers (witch conform to the industrial electrical interfacing standards). These can be programmed using the C programming language, can be bought for the fractional cost of an industrial controller (or for the fractional cost of a communication module of an industrial controller). The program code written in C language was implemented by our company as well. We are familiar with the C programming language, therefore this is one of the most popular programming languages used by engineers. It is the number one technology used in low level and embedded software development.

The advantages of the solution

Engineers at manufacturing companies - mainly familiar with PLC programming - usually find the “direct” form of programming (which consists of writing program code lines) uncomfortable. They prefer the usage of a graphical tool to aid programming. Programming a microcontroller in C in such an environment would raise anxiety. With our help, they spared themself with a lot of annoyance, and the engineers responsible for manufacturing saved a great amount of time.

Holcim Hungary Plc.

The initial problem

The process control system (PCS) used by this cement factory runs on the legendary Digital PDP-11 and Digital VAX hardwares on RSX-11 and VMS operating systems. Although the reliability of these hardwares and operating systems were eulogized by generations of engineers, the maintenance of these softwares and hardwares are outside of the comfort zone of the experts of nowadays, as the training of them were removed from the stage.

The solution

To ensure the continuous production in the Holcim factory our company provided spare hardware parts and technical consultancy services related to the operating system.

The advantages of the solution

A legacy information system - which has been running for decades - is quite hard to maintain both on software and hardware side. One can realize, that to continue the support of a system like this can be more cost effective, than doing an endless migration process and tolerating the production outages related to that.

Er-Petro Ltd.

The initial problem

The ER-Petro Ltd. from Budapest worked on making geologic and topographic maps of Libya more accurate. They planned to store the results of their field-work in an Oracle database, which could cooperate with their preferred GIS software.
Since the experts of the company were mainly geologists and mining engineers, they felt necessary to have recourse to a company which has the competence to support the procedure.

The solution

At first we contributed to the project by evolving a fixed and modernized data structure. The results of the ongoing geological surveys in Libya were documented on PDA devices by geologists, and they made photographs in many cases. Previously created instrumental measurements recorded by typewriter were also available. In the next step we supported the data downloading from the PDAs with a software solution, and developed a form-based data recording method to digitize the paper-based measurements. Finally, since a GIS database contains a lot of special objects in comparison to a simple relational database, we developed a utility to support the saving and loading of the database, and building the related index structures, enabling system operators to perform their regular tasks in a user-friendly way.

The advantages of the solution

Thanks to the cooperation with us, ER-Petro Ltd. was able to concentrate on its own field of expertise: geology, saving a lot of time and difficulty as we supported their work with an efficient IT system.


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